Yash Patil

President and Founder

I'm Yash Patil, graduating from high school now in 2021, finally! I see myself as an AI researcher a few years from now. Building AI systems that will pass the Turing Test is my destiny, so I'm also an aspiring Robotics Engineer. I want to disseminate my knowledge of AI and help young creative minds to work/research on topics that are substantially advanced in modern AI. Although I'm not an expert in AI, I'm escalating my knowledge of AI to help high school beginners with their research projects at no cost at all. The fact that I'm not a professor/expert is not the reason to spread the knowledge of AI for free but to show the beauty of Artificial Intelligence that I've seen. Artificial Intelligence is my passion, and I want to share it with like-minded people to grow a community that will take AI to astounding advancements.