Robots have always been a trendy topic, but how many know about it. Most people have little sense of what real robots do or look like, and many of you will imagine a white color(usually referred color) metal body in which system or program is there which does tasks that come under human capabilities or beyond that. We now have some knowledge about them because of the science fiction movies, books, Etc. The mass media has made a picture in our minds of what robots will become and how much capable they would be for anything.

The concept of robotics is very recent for all of us. The word 'ROBOT' originated in the 1920s (YES! It is that old) and was at first a type of slave. During that time, Robots used to help us as industrial robots in factories. These Industrial Robots used to get programmed for a particular task that could have taken hours or even a day if humans would have done it. The science and engineering to the field continue to evolve rapidly – look no further than Tesla's self-driving cars or amazon drones that deliver at the doorstep. For us, robots are machine which does human-like tasks. We define robots by what they do rather than what they are. In particular time we have a perfect definition; a machine that senses, thinks, and acts. [George A. Bekey, 2005] But in earlier times, definitions were unclear even amongst the most experts of the field. A Roboticist said:- 'never ask Roboticists what the robot is.' I want to ask you! How are Robots going to shape the future, and what your definition of robots is?

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