Blog Manager

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Yash Patil

Type of Job

Part Time

Published Date

1 May 2021, 6:30:00 am

About the job

○ Manages blog posts and organizes unorganized content.
○ Manages media on the blog posts to make sure that the media is not licensed or prohibited for commercial use.
○ Deletes posts that either violate the policies of club or are inappropriate for the club.


  • Sense of organizing the content of Blog posts.

  • Must know text justification necessity, media positioning on a blog.

  • Good at English, and therefore a good proofreader for the posted Blog Content.


  • Experience in Managing Blog.

  • May end up with enough experience to start their own blog.

About us

We are a non-profit academic club focusing on Artificial Intelligence. We teach passionate young high school students about Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and help them with their research projects in CSAI to build their profile for undergraduate applications.
Numerous students apply for costly research programs to either publish a research paper or to come upon their own research project. But some of the students, even after getting accepted, are unable to enroll because of their poor financial situation. And we help such students free of cost for their research projects. In a few months or a year, we will also help students write research papers, and we're still working on that.